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Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is referred to the various methods and practices that are intended to increase the length, width or the firmness of the human penis. This is also termed as male enhancement. The human mind is so obsessed with size matters, that is gradually yields to the pressure of the outer world and go in for artificial enlargement techniques. Needless to say the marketing people around the world waiting to tap any unexplored market are in the ultimate race to target people who are psychologically disturbed regarding their private parts.

There are various methods and practices followed worldwide to treat this so called anxiety. However most of them are not clinically tested and proven.

The types of procedures can be classified majorly as:

  • 1 . Surgery
  • 2 . Pills & Supplements
  • 3 . Physical procedures

1. Surgery

When it comes to surgery, there are a lot of surgical procedures in practice. However they should be done after proper medical advice from a genuine medical practitioner, to avoid side affects and medical complications. The major challenge is to find out a licensed and trustworthy surgeon.

Pros & Cons of Penis Enlargement Surgeries:

With the advent of modern technologies and development in the field of medicine, most of these surgeries are done in a safe manner, with very little or no chances of failure cases.

However, any medical procedure is prone to risk and side/after effects. It is always better to be well informed about the possible pros & cons of the Surgery procedure before opting for one.

The Pros of the Surgery include:


A single surgery can help in both length and width increase.


It can boost the confidence level of a person.


It increases the involvement and gives pleasure in the love life.


As a whole it increases the quality of both physical life and mental wellbeing

The cons of the surgery might include:



Few surgeries fail to give the desired results, which ends out in no difference in size or width.


Chest pains might occur


Shortness of breath


The anesthesia that is administered during the surgery result in unfavorable results.


Irregularities in heart beat.


Possibility of Infections.


Damage might be caused to nerves and nerve endings


Severe pain


Excessive bleeding might also occur.

There are also specific risks attached based on the type of surgery performed.

Penis lengthening Procedure:

The probability of an infection or lack of blood flow to the skin of the penis is on a high in this type of surgery. This would result in ulceration.

1.Penis widening:

This type of surgical procedures might lead to the formation of uneven‘fatty’ lumps on the penis. Also the fat deposited in the penis would be reabsorbed, which will ultimately reduce the width of the penis on a long run.

With all these possibilities of risk factors, it is always better and safer to consult a doctor before going in for a surgery.

2.Pills & Supplements:

There are tons of companies on the Internet offering various pills, creams, ointments and other supplements that ensure penis enlargements. But most of them prove to be hazardous to health, while a few above of them are also effective up to a certain extent. Also there is one more caution point to be noted that none of these products has been tested and proven effective and safety.

3. Physical Procedures & techniques:

When it comes to the category of physical therapy, there is lot of physical exercises and equipment’s available in the market that promises desired results. These techniques and procedures involve enhancement of the length of the penis and also increase the blood flow to the part.

Some of the techniques used for this purpose are:

Penis pump:

A penis pump is aWater-based penis enlargement pump, which is cylindrical in structure that is placed and fitted over the penis, either manually or through a motorized pump that creates a limited vacuum around the penis, expanding it as blood is drawn in. There are a quite a lot of varieties of penis pump designs by the manufacturers. It is to be remembered that this would offer only a temporary solution and cannot be used as a permanent solution. However use of this equipment continuously can result in nerve damages.


This is indeed a very risky and hazardous technique to be practiced. In this technique a tightening device is used to obstruct blood flow from the penis to other organs, thus making it erect and lengthy for a while. This is very dangerous and can cause permanent irreversible damages to the penis.


Jelqing is basically a technique that involves more of physical treatment. In this type, the penis is enlarged naturally by increasing the blood circulation and pressure to that particular part. It is executed by continually stroking the penis in a squeezing motion. Equipment’s have also been designed to do the same procedure.


It is a nonsurgical method to improve the length of the penis is by using devices that stretch the glans of the penis for longer periods. This technique is mostly used for treating the curvature and contraction of the penis due to Peyronie’s disease.

Think before you Act:

It is common for a man to wish for a bigger penis, but that should not affect the self-esteem and the level of confidence in one’s life. One has to be strong enough as to not fall prey to marketing techniques over phone and over the Internet.

It at all you think that some sort of treatment is necessary, and then it is best to consult a specialist from that department of medicine and get a proper consultation. Highly insecure men with deep distress over this issue are easy targets of the market. It should be always remembered in the search for penis enlargement techniques, one should not loose him.